Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Not all shiny is created equally

My love for Topps Chrome is fairly well documented around these parts.  I generally can't get enough of it.  I'm still working on an insane rainbow attempt for 2013 Chrome Rangers.

My love for shiny doesn't extend as much to Topps Finest.  It's not as much that I don't like it as it is I can't afford it.

One of the last purchases I made on Ebay before the great depression set in around my house was a two card Finest Sampler plate.

You can't get much shinier than that.  I like these just fine, but my ability to buy cards right now is almost non-existent.  The ratio of player to card does seem a bit off.

I bought a Mike Piazza from the same seller because he combined shipping.  I'm not married to this one so I may slip it into a Dodgers package sometime.

I'm open to trading for any Rangers Finest cards you may not want.  Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Rockets, Trains and Cats

I spent last week in Atlanta on a business trip.  It was my first time in Atlanta, but with the Braves not playing, the best I could do baseball wise was the cab ride past Turner Field.  After resting up from the trip, my family and I headed out to the State Fair of Texas after church on Sunday.

The Texas Sports Hall of Fame has a great display set up in the Hall of Texas at the Fairgrounds. They have game used uniforms from Roger Staubach, Bob Lilly, Nolan Ryan and a host of other Texas greats.  The memorabilia in the displays ranges from boxing to Olympics to basketball and everywhere in between.  One of the coolest items was Doak Walker's 1950 college football All-Star game uniform.  Of course, I didn't get a picture of that.

I did get a couple of baseball related pictures.

This display had college and Major league memorabilia from Roger Clemens and the amazing Astros jersey of one Mr. Nolan Ryan.  You can just see an old Rangers uniform in the background alongside a Fort Worth Cats jersey.

The ladies were well represented as well, with a nice game used jersey and glove from Cat Osterman. You can see a boxing glove as well, but did you see that I mentioned Cat Osterman.  Yea, that Cat Osterman.  Mmm, hmm.

If any of you have the chance to go to the State Fair, I recommend it.  You can eat all those amazingly disgusting fair foods of course, but you can also see some great sports memorabilia.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The playoff blues

The Rangers spoiled me.  World Series visits in 2010 AND 2011 can do that to a guy.  Still being very good in 2012 and 2013 can do that to a guy.

Totally sucking in 2014...well, that's a whole new (old) ballgame.  It kind of reminds me of the majority of my years as a Rangers fan with the exception that I didn't go into most of those early seasons with any realistic hope of a World Series appearance.

You may be thinking to yourself, "This Play at the Plate blog hit my blogroll and it sounds familiar, but I'm not quite sure."  Well, it's me.  I haven't posted since September 17th.  It's the same old excuse.  My new job.  It's taken over my life in a good way and included 4 days in Atlanta last week for a conference.  I'm going to try to regroup over the weekend and get some packages ready to mail next week.  My hope is to start posting on a regular (read daily) basis next Monday.

For now, I'll leave you with my hope for the Rangers' 2015 season.

That's a 2014 Bowman Derek Holland printing plate.  I think they call it magenta.

Derek came back at the end of the season and pitched like a man possessed...by Clayton Kershaw.  I hope that means good things are on the horizon for next year.

As for this year's playoffs...I say go Royals and Dodgers.  I'll choose between them if they both make it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of a Kind

Derek Holland takes the mound for his fourth start of the season tonight.  He'll be looking to add to the stink that is the A's last 50 games and hopefully spoil their wildcard hopes.

Derek is 1-0, but should be 3-0.  He has 21 IP and has 17 strikeouts and zero walks.  His ERA is 0.86 and his WHIP is 0.95.  Sure, it's a small sample size, but I think Derek was ticked about the Rangers poor season and the fact that he missed out on most of it.

Here's to Derek adding to his impressive totals tonight and giving the Rangers their 5th straight win.

And here's another Derek 1/1 to go with it.

I think that's the White Ice version from 2014 Bowman.

I KNOW it's a one of a kind.

Go Rangers!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


My days as a night shift worker are rapidly coming to a close.  I've been working in my new position for a while now, but until all the other job openings get filled, I've been splitting time between days and nights.

One bad thing about working days is the traffic.  Another bad thing is the fact that I can't do anything with my cards.  I know, I know.  You're all feeling soooooooooooooooo sorry for me.  Poor little PATP can't do the collecting/trading thing at WORK!

You should feel sorry for me, but not just me.  My ability to write the blog has suffered as has my time to mail out packages.  That's a really sad thing for you and your mailbox.


This is my locker at work.  It used to be stuffed with cards.  I've been in the process of taking them all home.  Most of what is left in here is part of the stuff to be mailed out.  Some of it is Rangers stuff and some it is just a hodge podge of stuff that needs to be sorted.

I hope to get the writing and trading back on track once the transition is complete.  In the meantime...check me out on Twitter @patpdude.  I might even Tweet something.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

How do I put these in order?

As a rule, baseball cards are easy to put in order.  Card companies put a number on the back and you put them order.  Maybe you have the whole set, maybe it's a team set.  Either way, you just put them in number order and you're done.

Sometimes, you get a few crazy cards just like these.

Sure, they look like normal Ginter minis.  They are not.  They are hiding a dirty little secret.

You see, these minis don't have numbers.  So sad, I just don't know how I'll put these in order without numbers.

Derek Holland doesn't have a number either.

Prince Fielder didn't have a good start with the Rangers and his mini doesn't have a number.

I guess I'll just have to live with these pesky no number minis.  At least I know there are only 49 others out there in baseball card land.

This Joe Mauer mini has a number.  Unfortunately I might add.  I just showed it to complete the package I received from an Ebay seller who had all the no number Rangers.  Joe's happy.  I'm happy.
Everybody's happy.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Laughing all the way to the bank

I think a lot of non-Dodgers fans were blown away by the 7 year, $180 million deal the Dodgers signed with Clayton Kershaw before the season.

After posting (so far) an 18-3 record with and ERA of 1.67, 210 K's to go along with only 27 walks, it's clear the Dodgers are laughing all the way to the bank.  Clayton Kershaw is head and shoulders above the rest of the league.  You can throw out all the names you want, Hernadez, Cueto, Scherzer...list them all and none of them can carry Kershaw's jock.  Not that they'd want to because that's just gross.

As long as Kershaw keeps pitching like this, the Dodgers are getting a bargain.

Speaking of getting a bargain, I got a few from the same seller on Ebay the other day and Kershaw was one of them.

I was buying a couple of cheap Rangers Bowman Platinum parallels when I checked the sellers other items.  I got this 2014 Bowman Platinum Clayton Kershaw gold parallel for a whole quarter.

I got a little carried away and accidentally bought a Cub prospect while I was at it, but I also ended up with a purple Rougned Odor and a purple Jorge Alfaro.  A quarter each so not to bad.

I have hopes of putting together the ugly 1970 Topps set someday because that's my birth year.  I bought a little well-loved star power towards that goal.  These 6 gems set me back a whole 99 cents.

I was just about finished shopping when I spotted this 1963 Post Don Drysdale.  I thought it was fitting to start and finish with a great Dodgers pitcher so this was perfect.  The cost?  If you guessed a quarter, you were correct.  That's a grand total of $2.24 for a great little lot of cards.

Like the Dodgers, I got a good value.  Unlike the Dodgers, my team won't be in the playoffs.