Saturday, August 20, 2016

Olympic Contest - Final Packs

There are 75 base cards in the Olympic set.  I’m going to list the athletes that did not make the Olympic team so everyone will know.  There are 16 out of 75 that didn’t make the team, were injured, retired, or are former Olympians.

5 Candace Parker – Basketball
17 Holley Mangold – Weightlifting
21 Matt Grevers – Swimming
27 John Orozco – Gymnastics
30 Tyler Clary – Swimming
39 Natalie Coughlin – Swimming
40 Abby Wambach – Soccer
52 Cullen Jones – Swimming
58 Summer Ross – Beach Volleyball
59 Emily Day – Volleyball
61 Bob Beamon – T&F
62 Rulon Gardner – Wrestling
63 Jenny Thompson – Swimming
65 Carly Patterson – Gymnastics
66 Gary Hall Jr. – Swimming
72 Leo Manzano – T&F

Final packs coming up…standings will be posted once I reconcile the numbers. Then we wait for the Paralympics to start. 

Blaster 1 Pack 8

Carly Patterson - Gymnastics
Alana Nichols – Para-canoe
Jenny Thompson - Swimming
Lex Gillette – T&F
Cullen Jones - Swimming
Brad Snyder - Swimming
Conor Dwyer- Swimming
Nathan Schrimsher – Modern Pentathlon
Michael Phelps bronze - Swimming
Nathan Schrimsher silver – Modern Pentathlon

Blaster 2 Pack 8

Matt Stutzman bronze - Archery
Sue Bird silver - Basketball
Ryan Lochte RELIC - Swimming

I wish this was an orange swatch so I could pretend it's from the Brazilian prison uniform he'll get if he gets extradited down there.  Dumbass.  

Blaster 3 Pack 8

Emily Day – Beach Volleyball
Gary Hall Jr. - Swimming
Megan Rapinoe silver - Soccer
Brad Snyder bronze – Swimming
Adeline Gray  TEAM USA PATCH #48/99 - Wrestling

Like this one a lot.  Team USA Patch, numbered /99 and it's Adeline Gray.  What's not to like?

Good luck everyone and GO TEAM USA!


  1. Nice patch. As for Lochte... yeah.
    I heard the Paralympics budget was cut by like 60 million dollars because of shortfalls. That sucks for them. Maybe they should have their events first next time.

    It hit me a couple days ago that if Phelps retires, this will be an end of an era with Bolt retiring and Lochte probably done as well as the Gymnastics team cut down to 4 members, plus not to mention some of the older athletes probably not making it back. Its a shame that so much negativity has been brought out from these games when they really could hype it as an end of an era.

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