Friday, January 14, 2011

Woe is me...

Well, the "woe" is for how woefully behind I am on mailing out some packages.

I owe Big D from Hey, That's Mine a package.

I owe Beardy from the Mojo Beard a package.

I owe the January contest winner a package.

You, you will be shocked to hear I owe the December contest winner his package.

I need to do the contest for all the monthly winners from last year.

I am probably forgetting someone too.

I had surgery a few days ago and I've been very sick the last week. That's really no excuse because I should have had all those packages out long ago. I'll be working on them over the weekend with the hopes of getting them in the mail on Monday. I'm really sorry guys. I'll try to do better going forward.


  1. ... and I think you owe Night Owl that '56 Furillo!!

    Hang in there and take it one package at a time. I think a number of us have all been there.

  2. Get Well - health first - but trade packages are a close second though!

  3. get with it man.... there was probably a scrub nurse or someone not doing anything that could've sent out your mail.

  4. Sorry to hear you were/are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon. Been there done that. Best thing after surgery, do not push it hard, take it easy until you are healed.