Monday, January 28, 2013

It's true

Guess what I did last night. 

That's right, I sorted cards.  And I actually enjoyed it. 

Things are lookin' up. 


  1. I spent this past weekend doing the same thing. The weather was crap all weekend, which facilitated this endeavor. Speaking of, I found several 'Play at the Plate' cards that I would like to drop in the mail to you. Can you email me your address again?

  2. that's great. now come to my house.... there's about a million cards that need sorting and since you enjoy it..........

  3. I once mentioned very briefly on my blog (in this random thoughts post about half-way though the post after the zistle graphic: )an idea that there should be some type of card sorting service. The biggest problem, other than shipping costs and insuring everything, would be getting business (and having to quit a real paying job to start the dang thing and make enough to justify quitting that job that paid all the bills). And charging reasonable rates for supplies used, and waiving fees for the less expensive supplies. It wouldn't be a grading service just organizing and sorting, the idea is mostly for raw ungraded stuff. On second thought 'tis a silly idea.

  4. Seems like everybody was doing it. Temps went into the negatives here this weekend so I ended sorting through a ton of Brewers cards and updating my team set needs. Twas' a great Saturday afternoon!