Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Big Tex

The Twitterverse is an amazing place and you can find some amazing cards there.  Even if you're not too fond of the player on the card.  

Case in point.  This Mark Teixeira Upper Deck #3/5 auto patch came to me from Travis, famously of Punk Rock Paint.  He threw it up on Twitter and I just couldn't resist even though I'm not a fan of Tex.  I liked him well enough when he was here, but there was something douchebaggery about him and he got the Yankee stink all over him.

Oh well.  It's a nice card and probably the lowest numbered auto in my collection.

Thanks Travis!


  1. That really is a conundrum. What to do about players you don't like anymore if you are a team collector? I have a couple in Denny Neagle and Ubaldo Jimenez that are not very high on my list of loved players. I don't actively seek them out (unless they are the last card of a team set or something), but I still do collect them. In fact I have a 1/1 Ubaldo from 2011 Topps Tribute that is my most valuable 1/1 card. So I feel your pain.

  2. Nice card! I've been on and off with Teixeira throughout his Yankee tenure, especially because of the injuries. I think he's a good guy but the contract spiked his ego a little bit. But great auto, and low numbered makes it a win regardless of how he's playing today.

  3. I can't decide if it is worse to have a change of heart on a player after they leave, or to be stuck with a player you never liked who is now on your team.

    I've never been as big a football fan as baseball, but when Brett Favre came to the Vikings I was really torn. Every game they won with him was bittersweet. I'm sure Packer fans were none too thrilled about it either. I would not have gone out of my way to collect any Brett Favre as a Viking cards.

  4. I'm a Teixeira fan and collector. That is a very nice card. Congrats!