Friday, December 21, 2012

A blog update

Fooled ya!  I think there have been just about enough "updates" around here.  I mentioned yesterday that I spent $40 on myself for Christmas.  The first $20 went to the Topps repack box from yesterday and the other $20 went to 2012 Topps Update blaster.  Or mini blaster.  Those boxes are almost tiny now. It's about time Topps went green.  Yea right. 

I'm not really going to do a pack by pack breakdown on this, but I picked out a few cards to discuss.  

I'm old school.  By that I mean Jonathan Braxton and players like him shouldn't be wearing pajama pants to play baseball.  I see women, 40 year old women, at the grocery store wearing pajama pants and that's bad enough.  I don't want to see ballplayers wearing baggy pants on the field. 

Now that's a uniform.  I can't even hate this Cardinal card because the powder blue is rockin' and Edward has his socks up high the way a real ballplayer should. 

Uh oh, two Cardinals in a row and that's ok 'cause Joe Kelly is geekin' in his old school Wild Thing glasses (even though I'm sure they are some kind of high tech polycarbonate shatterproof whatzit). 

I cried when I saw this card.  It's that ugly. 

I didn't cry when I saw this card, but I did when I saw yet another fake "gold" coin show up in my portfolio.  Yay me. 

I still can't believe I was at the game where Josh Hamilton hit four homeruns.  That's because I wasn't at the game.  Bummer. 

I like minis.  I just think this picture would look better on the 1975 design. 

I only scanned this card because I thought it was one of those SPs.  It's not.  It looks like Dee Gordon (is that Dee Gordon?) is trying to pull A.J. Harris' head off. 

The little "blaster" had one of those ultra rare manu-patches that come only 1 per box.  I can't find the "dripping with sarcasm font" so you'll have to bear with me. 

So there you go.  Nothing too exciting, but at least it was cards.  I did get two packs of the blue parallels, but I didn't show them because I'll be putting them in with some packages that I'm looking to get out during the first week of the new year. 


  1. A blogger that prefers stirrups. +20 manna!

  2. *Broxton, not Braxton*....he's a pitcher, not an R&B singer.

    and yes, that's Dee Gordon and AJ Ellis.

  3. Yeah I me like when you show lots of Cardinals cards! :)

  4. any card looks better using the 1975 design!


    Yeah, Kaline deserves a 1975 Topps card!!