Thursday, December 6, 2012

All of these things are just like the others

These are all examples from my life, but what do military life, teaching, blogging and baseball teams have in common? 

They are all transient ways of life.  It's one of my least favorite things ever. 

In the Navy, people transfer from duty station to duty station and you make friends and boom, one of you is transferred to the next place.  I taught 6th grade for four years and there wasn't one single year where a fellow teacher I really liked didn't move to another school.  As we have experienced so many times in the 3+ years I've been blogging, good bloggers, trading partners and I daresay even friends, have fallen by the wayside. (I'm hoping not to fall into that category by the way.)  Our favorite players do the same thing. 

Sometimes they move on to another team and eventually they retire altogether.  It sucks. 

I remember how excited I was when my favorite player ever signed with the Rangers.  The five years Will Clark was here were some of my favorites as a fan of the team.  You know, right after those two World Series runs.  I hated when he signed in Baltimore and then moved on to St. Louis and eventually retired.  I still miss watching him play and be all crazy intense. 

I think I'm about to go through the same thing again.

It appears that talks are getting serious with the Phillies regarding a trade for Michael Young.  Young is my favorite current Ranger and has been since injuries forced Rusty Greer to retire.  I know Young had an off year last year after a great 2011.  I know he's overpaid for what he can give a team at this point in his career.  I'll still be sad to see him go if he does get traded.  It's not my money so I'd rather see him get paid here to do what he can to help the Rangers in 2013. 

Moving on is not something I'm good at or something I look forward to....ever.  It's just not in my nature. 


  1. And here I was all excited when Clark came to the Cardinals for his last hurrah...
    I hate seeing a player I've enjoyed watching go to another team, and I have to go through it this year with Loshe, McClellan, and it's looking like Skip Schumaker is heading towards the trading block.
    This is one aspect of collecting that is a little tough for me, the realization that in coming years there won't be anymore cards made of these players in the uniforms I've come to know them in.

  2. Holy crap it looks like it's pretty much a done deal....

  3. The Cardinals are where a lot of greats just have to end their careers: Will Clark, Larry Walker, Eric Davis, Shaun Dunston, Bobby Bonilla, and of course Mark McGwire...that is alot of great names to end their careers in a short few years of each other.

  4. It's not in my nature either... sure hope Young is in a Rangers uniform this upcoming season.