Thursday, November 29, 2012

A little serial for breakfast

Things aren't always fun around here.  Let's make a list.

Doctor visits for me.  And my wife.
A moody pre-teen.
Bills.  Lots of bills. 
I have to buy Christmas presents for how many people???
A car that needs to be replaced. 
Had enough?  Thought so.

On the other hand, some things are still very fun. 

Watching whole seasons of shows on Netflix in a week. 
A pre-teen who is having a good day.
Losing weight. 
Collecting cards.
Blogging...most of the time.
Getting packages in the mail.

Sort of like the great package I got from Julie over at the fine blog Funner Here.  

It all started when she posted this 2012 Update Ryan Dempster gold parallel that I just had to claim.

She didn't stop with one serial numbered card.  She sent what I'm fairly certain is the only serial numbered team checklist in my collection.  Its a 2005 Donruss Career Stat Line Alfonso Soriano #19/162.  The 162 is for games played.  Hmm. 

I'll bet you're green with envy over this 2011 Bowman Mitch Moreland green parallel #320/450. 

Let's all go to the Museum and check out Ian Kinsler looking to his left and apparently throwing the ball the other direction.  It's #16/299. 

How about a pair of twins.  Not Twins, but nearly identical Michael Young 2009 Triple Threads.  This one is #310/1350. 

This one is #594/1350.  Only 1348 more to go. 

A bittersweet best for last card.  Bitter because it's Mark Teixeira.   Sweet because it's #6/25.  I have a Teixeira 1/1 from this set, but that's not saying too much because there are only like 250 1/1s for every player.  At least it seems that way. 

Julie, I'm looking for more cards for you because that one Frank Howard isn't enough for all these great cards.  I'll get something headed you're way soon.  Thanks!!

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