Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A not so surprise ending

My son started collecting cards back in 2009 with the purchase of his very first pack of 2009 Topps.  He was 9 years old. 

This great Nelson Cruz card was in his first pack and it hooked him.  He got it autographed at a game in 2010.  He and I spent a fair amount of time buildling his collection from cards out of my collection.  Quite a few of the "hits" I traded for ended up in a box in his room.  He had a box for Cowboys cards, Texas Longhorn cards and Olympic cards.  He had his 2009 set in a binder.  He was having a good time with it and so was I. 

Turn the clock forward three years.  He's still a Rangers fan, but he doesn't have much interest in cards anymore.  I-gadgets, my laptop, Minecraft and XBox 360 have taken over.  He's in 7th grade now so I know girls are just around the corner. 

It was fun while it lasted.  I've taken some breaks from collecting over the years and always come back to it so it's possible he will too.  I'll store his stuff with mine and he's going to end up with all of it anyway someday. 

I just hope it means something to him when he gets it. 


  1. Definitely keep his stuff safe! I quit collecting around the same age that he's at now, and then all of a sudden many years later, and almost without explanation, I was back!

  2. I feel this may be coming my way soon too. I've had 2 really fun summers making custom cards for my older son to get autographed but he is in middle school now too. Next summer may come too late!!

  3. good times. Start saving now. Insurance rates are going up because it'll be "Can I borrow the car?".... heh...

    and just think how cool it would've been if our parents had saved cards for us?

  4. Set your clocks to 8 years in the future. If I were a betting man, I'd say he'll come back to the hobby then. Me, and tons of others started collecting at when he did, stopped when he did and came back in our early 20's ... keep your chin up! :)

  5. It'll mean something to him, trust me. Maybe the names and the teams won't mean so much, but the time he spent with you putting it together will.

  6. My first blog was called My Boys Old Cards
    and although short-lived featured some of Tommys old stuff. He's 24 now but I still have the box of cards.