Monday, August 11, 2014

Blaster War part deux!

Sorry it took so long to get the second part of the Golden Age vs. Ginter blaster war posted.  I had the pics loaded on Friday, but I just couldn't find time to write the highly technical scoring out.  You know how it is.

Just to remind you, Golden Age is leading 86-71.

Ginter Pack 5

Hiroki Kuroda - -12 for being a Yankee.  I think that's a fair deduction. Just wait and see how much Arod will cost Ginter if he shows his ugly head.
Enny Romero - +1 Never heard of him, don't know him, but he's not a Yankee so I'll at least make him a plus.
Shelby Miller - -2 for being a Cardinal, +1 for not being a Cardinal when they beat the Rangers in the 2011 World Series = -1
Jedd Gyorko Pastime's Pastimes - -1 for weird name, +14 for being a Foodie according to the back = +13
Orlando Hernandez - -6 for being Yankee mini since a mini Yankee is only half as bad as a regular Yankee
Trevor Rosenthal - the -2 Cardinal penalty and -6 for being a closer on my Fantasy team = -8

Pack total = -13
Running total = 58

Golden Age Pack 5

Mackinac Bridge - +20 I drove across the Mackinac Bridge on my way from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan to the Upper Peninsula.  After crossing the bridge in a storm, we rode a ferry to Mackinac Island for our honeymoon.
Ulysses S. Grant - +25 Commanding General of the Union Forces AND the 18th President of the United States.
Butch Cassidy Green Mono Back mini - +5 Great historical person for a set like this -15 for being a bad guy = -10
Alydar - -3, one point for each time he came in second to Affirmed in the Triple Crown races.
Ernie Banks - +2 for wanting to "play two", +10 for being pictured in a Kansas City Monarchs uniform = +12
Haystacks Calhoun - +3 for the name Haystacks, -5 for weighing 600 pounds, +8 for weighing 600 pounds AND wrestling = +6

Pack total = +50
Running total = 136

Uh-oh, this is turning into a route.

Ginter Pack 6

Travis D'Arnaud - +3 for being a catcher, -1 for playing close to the Yankees = +2
Rickey Henderson - +10 for being a great shot of Rickey, +3 for being Nolan Ryan's 5000th strikeout victim, and +4 for having to share the limelight on the day he broke Lou Brock's stolen base record (Nolan Ryan's 7th no-hitter was the same day) = +17
Paul Molitor - +3 for almost sharing my birthday AND being from very close to my hometown
Gerrit Cole Pastime's Pastimes - -2 for being boring...and making me sleepy
Yoenis Cespedes mini - -5 for being an A's card, +8 for being traded away from the A's = +3
Matt Williams - -10 because Night Owl really doesn't like him

Pack total - +13
Running total - 71

Golden Age pack 6

John Pemberton - + 10 his concoctions led to the creation of Coca-Cola, but I'm a Dr. Pepper fan
Eddie Waitkus - +6 for being the inspiration for The Natural
Assault blue Mono mini - +2 for being named Assault
Steve Yzerman - +0 because if it's not a Dallas Star, I just don't care
Martin Luther King Jr. - +20 because I like his non-violent approach
Addie Joss - +10 for having the second lowest ERA in history and the lowest WHIP ever, -25 for dying and being the reason the first All-Star game was played = -15  I know it's harsh, but the All-Star game in it's current form is a BIG FAT JOKE.

Pack total = +23
Running total = 159

Ginter Pack 7

Andre Dawson - +5 Any person nicknamed "The Hawk" has to be rewarded.
Cal Ripken Jr. - +25 One of my favorite players as a kid and, oh yea, the Ironman.
Barbed Wire - +15 Crazy, but I love it anyway.  I do think it's funny that the back talks about the Old West and they show prison razor wire on the front.
Bonnie and Clyde OBAANDW mini - -12 for being bad guys (and gals), +25 for being an AWESOME mini, and another - 3 for being really bad guys ( and gals) = +10
Punalu'u Beach Natural Wonder - +5 I need to take my wife there
Queen Victoria - +5 for being super hot for an 1800's chick

Pack total = +65 Nice comeback
Running total = 136

Golden Age Pack 7

Sundance Kid - -5 for being bad, +10 for being badass = +5
Joe Louis - +10 Best boxer ever?  Maybe
Davey Lopes Crofts Swiss Milk Cocoa mini - 1:24 packs so I'll take it and give him +10 for being hard to get
D. Wayne Lukas - -10 for using the inital D at the beginning of his name
Kenesaw Mountain Landis - +10 first commish of baseball, +3 for Mountain being his middle name, +2 for NOT being Bud Selig = +15
King Tut's Tomb - +5 because I don't want to cursed by the Tomb

Pack total = +35
Running total = 194

It's now or never for Ginter

Ginter pack 8

Grant Balfour - -1 BORING
Felix Hernandez - +20 Greatness on the mound.  If he'd had better run support throughout his career, he might have 5 or 6 Cy Youngs
Junkanoo Festivals and Fairs - -3 for having Junk in the name
Nomar Garciaparra - -4 ummm, overated?  +23 Married to Mia Hamm = +19
Dusty Baker Ginter back mini - +12...can you say hit by pitch?
Yasiel Puig - +3000 for being Puig, -2990 for letting Pujols tag up from first and make it to second on the flyout to center = +10

Pack total = +57
Final total = 193

Golden Age Pack 8

Curt Flood - -25 for being difficult leading to Free Agency
Gary Carter - +10 for being THE KID
Josh Gibson - +8 for his 800 homers, +10 for p.u.r.e. Awesomeness = +18
Steve Carlton - -9 for being difficult
Fearless Leader FDR - +25 for getting us out of the Depression and taking the War to the Germans and Japanese
Vivian Leigh brown Hindu mini - -10 because frankly Viv, I don't give a damn

BUT WAIT, pack 8 had the promised bonus card...

Check out my Willie!  Willie Nelson Legends of Music relic - +50 for being a cool swatch, -25 for giving me a contact high.  DO NOT SCRATCH AND SNIFF the Willie Nelson relics.  You've been warned!

Pack total = +34
Final Total = 228 points

So Golden Age wins 228-193 in what has to be the most fairly judged competition in the history of the Internet!

I really like Golden Age and if I can afford another blaster or two, I'm getting some more.


  1. If you are willing to part with any of the A&G Cardinals you pulled let me know. Thanks!

  2. As someone that holds multiple contests throughout the year, I have to agree that this was the "most fairly judged competition" ever. Well, certainly the funniest.

  3. You forgot the -5000 for the Yzerman because he's a Dead Wing.

  4. Golden Age: subjects: awesome (altho some make me sleep); design: so, so, so ugly.

  5. Ok, where wee you able to find a blaster? I can't track one down here.