Monday, August 18, 2014

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Birthday Birthday To Me!

I thought I deserved a Triple Happy Birthday today.  Not because I'm turning 44, but because it's 8/18 and over the last few months, I went out of my way to add some #8/18 cards to my collection.

It all started with this 2011 Triple Threads bat/jersey relic of three FORMER Rangers.  I saw it listed on Ebay and it just happened to be #8/18.  "Hey, that's my birthday" I thought.  That led me to start searching for other Triple Threads #8/18 cards.  

I'll just say this.  There are lots of Triple Threads #8/18 cards on Ebay, but some of them are listed for absolutely ridiculous prices.  The second one I picked up was this 2013 Chipper Jones card and it was a bargain. 

I couldn't pass up this 2012 Triple Threads "COMMANDO" Adrian Beltre #8/18 for only $4.99.  It sure helps that it's a Rangers card.

My buddy Judson is going to have fun with this one because yes, I actually bought a Diamondbacks relic on purpose.  I found this one by accident though.  I won a Rangers bowman auto and was looking at the seller's other items to take advantage of the combined shipping offer.  I was happy to add another #8/18 card to my new collection.  

The latest addition to the #8/18 collection is this 2013 Triple Threads Elvis Andrus.  As a Rangers fan, I would like to add any Rangers card I don't have to my collection, but if they just happen to be serial #8/18, I'm not going to complain.

I hope you all have a great day on my birthday.  That would be a great gift.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha You beat me to the punch, but still very funny! Happy birthday, amigo!

  2. Happy birthday.

    Fortunately I am barely awake and way under-caffeinated or I'd already be searching for 7/16 cards.

  3. Happy Birthday! The #8/18 is a cool idea. Wouldn't work as well with me, being born in February and all. Too expensive.

  4. Great cards . Happy Birthday.. My youngest daughter shares the day with you