Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Sticker Contest Winner

It took 30 packs to finally finish the first team in the 2015 Topps Sticker Album.

John Miller picked the Pirates and is the winner.  John, please email me your address!

Thanks for playing everyone.

I still have 10 packs to open, but in case you were wondering, here is the order and pack number in which the next 9 teams finished.

Pack 34 - Colorado
Pack 35 - Houston and Milwaukee
Pack 36 - Tampa, Minnesota AND St. Louis
Pack 37 - Cleveland and Atlanta
Pack 38 - Detroit

Until next time...


  1. Pack 37. Oh well - well selected John!

    1. One better than me Pack 38 - 10th team to be completed.

  2. If you've got any Astros dupes, I'll take em.

  3. I was sooooo close too. Arizona will probably be the team you don't finish.
    My bad.