Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Throwing in the towel

I'm not quitting the blog, if that's what you were thinking.  I just got this stuffed package from the Junior Junkie and had to show off the contents.  Starting with this towel card.

It's not often you see a card where a guy has a towel over his shoulder, but this 1988 Fleer gem of Charlie Hough features just such a picture.  The Junkie included the entire Texas Rangers 1988 Fleer team set.  If you didn't see his post about going to the post office and spending nearly $180 on shipping, just go here.

Like last night's post, I picked up another of those 2015 Topps Original Stamp cards.  This one is a Doyle Alexander, one of my favorite 1970's Rangers.  I always thought he looked like he would fit in with the gunfight at the OK Corral.

Here's a horrible picture of a Rafael Palmeiro Piece of the Action Bat Card.  I do like his uniform number cut into the bat sliver.  Or table leg, whichever it might be.

There was a big stack of cards to choose from, but my favorite of the bunch was this 2004 Topps Finest Michael Young refractor. So shiny and fun.

Thanks for the cards Junkie.

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  1. It was a little tough letting go of that Doyle, but I figured it belonged with you!