Thursday, February 25, 2016

Fastest return ever

I know you are all waiting with unbridled anticipation to see how many TTM requests I sent out this year.  I did a post on it earlier, but I’ve since added quite a few to the list.

As of yesterday (2/24), I have sent out 56 TTM requests.  48 of those are baseball requests and 8 of them are TEAM USA requests.  I may have a few more baseball to send out, but I know I’ll have many more TEAM USA once I get a little time.  Speaking of time, I’m working on sending out packages/PWEs to the Supertraders group, but that’s another post.

The reason I’m writing this TTM update today is because I got my first envelope back today.  In just 9 days, I got back three signed cards of one of the longest tenured Rangers around:

Tom Grieve played for the Senators (1970) and the Rangers (1972-77).  He also had brief stints with the Mets and Cardinals in 78-79, but he’s best known for being part of the Ranger family.  After retiring as a player in 1979, he joined the Rangers front office and did some work on the TV broadcast in 1980.  He served as the Rangers GM from 1984-94 and has been doing TV color for the Rangers since 1995.  I love hearing Tom on the broadcast.  His voice just says Rangers to me, just like his radio counterpart Eric Nadel’s does when I’m in the car. 

Thanks for making this old Rangers fan’s day Tom.  Keep up the great work!


  1. I'm looking forward to see what else you get back. I think that I have thirty out right now and I am primed and ready for them to start trickling back in.

  2. i sent a few requests out earlier this month, and have had a couple come back. however, the best returns recently have been the ones that have taken over a year - butch hobson and grady little.

    also, don't forget about us non-supertraders. we like to trade, too.

  3. I have an envelope all ready to go for you.