Friday, February 5, 2016

February Contest Winner

I finally found some 2016 Topps today and I bought a lot.  Well, I had two $25 Target cards so I bought two blasters and 4 hangar boxes.

I know.

I recorded the first pack and I'll post that on Twitter @patpdude for all to see.

We had two correct guesses of Chris Colabello.

CaptainKirk42 and Jeff.  I randomed their names three times as is my custom and the winner is...

Congrats to Jeff.  Let me know if you want me to mail a hangar box your way or just the cash to buy your own.  Kirk will be getting a consolation prize as well.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Congrats Jeff! and Wow I Placed. Been a while since I've been a top finalist in a blog contest.

  2. Congratulations Jeff! Thanks for the contest PATP.