Monday, September 10, 2012

I'll have your winner tomorrow because...

I spent my free time last night sorting my Rangers.  I know it doesn't help those of you who are waiting on the September Contest results, but I'm glad to be caught up.  Again.

I was able to complete four team sets with what I received in trade packages.  1984 Fleer, 1989 Score, 1984 Topps and one that I can't read because I was really sleepy when I wrote the year down.  I knocked off big chunks from the want list as well and I'll be updating those tonight sometime.

Nobody cares about that except me.

There were 595 comments left for the September Contest.  595!!  That was so many more than I expected it's crazy.  Thanks to the insanity that reigned for the duration of the contest, I'll be picking THREE winners using a random number generator.  I promise to have the results for you in the morning.


  1. yeah, we went a little overboard, didn't we?? but YOU said there were no limits!!

  2. You know if you'd had held this contest next month when I had more free time at work who knows how many entries I would have posted!