Wednesday, September 12, 2012

POW, Right in the Kisser

Blogosphere generosity?  Check.

Punch in the face?  Check.

My love for the 1956 Topps set started with a few play at the plate cards I picked up on the Million Card Giveaway back in 2010.  If money were no object, I'd put together a gem mint 10 1956 set, burn the rest of my cards and my collecting days would be over.  Money is very much an object in the sense that I have none, so I'll give gently and not so gently used 1956 cards shelter in my collection.  Take this Jerry Lynch for example.  The first thing I noticed was the umpire "punching" Lynch out.  The second thing I noticed was the incredible generosity of Derek Hill over at Tomahawk Chopping.  This card and pretty nice stack of others arrived at my figurative doorstep with a note saying "here are some just because cards."

Yea, "just because" Derek is awesome.

Baby-faced Josh Hamilton shows up on this 1999 Bowman card.  "Look ma, no tats!"

Fast forward to this 2008 UD Timeline and the infamous tats are very present.

The popular headline around the Dallas area is "Profar, so good."  It was clever for about 2 seconds and now it's just annoying.  Not Profar, the wordplay.

This 2012 Bowman Platinum Martin Perez scanned like a refractor, but it doesn't say refractor on it so I don't know if it is.  Or isn't.

Let's go purple.  This is one of those retail bonus purple parallels I think.

This is a purple refractor of Alexi Ogando, #20/499.

Let's continue our march around the rainbow with a BP Josh Hamilton red parallel.

I'm a Chrome fan.  Especially when it comes to refractors of my team.  Meet Ian Kinsler, black refractor, #39/100.  He brought along a golden friend.

This is a great action shot of my favorite current Ranger.  The gold looks great and it's #21/50.  Sweet.

Derek, you are the man.  Don't deny it.  Thanks a bunch!


  1. I love that 2011 Topps Kinsler card. It's a great shot of my favorite active secondbaseman.
    Black refractor, you say? All the better.

  2. I AM THE MAN!


    I knew you already had the gold and black chrome's but figured you could pass them along to another deserving Rangers guy. Really glad you enjoyed some of my fall clean up. Keep the great blog going.