Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inter-league play must die!

Maybe that's a little harsh, but I certainly don't think we need inter-league play year round.  It's even popping up on Opening Day.  Can we please get a new Commish for baseball?  Maybe I should start another blog with an anti-Selig slant.  We'll call it "Bud Selig is to baseball as Beckett is to baseball cards."

Naah, that'll never work.  I'm barely keeping my head above water with this blog.  Thank God for trade packages like this one from Cards on Cards.   Unfortunately, I'm 14 1/2 hours into a 16 hour shift so my brain may not process the fact that I'm writing about cards.  We'll see.  

I'm not 100% convinced that's really Dean Palmer on this 1991 Bowman card.  It doesn't look like him to me.

Speaking of 1991 Bowman, I can only guess that this is some sort of MVP parallel.   It's artsy at least.

The "Situation" was only 10 years old when Ruben Sierra was busy being "The Franchise".  No, I didn't know the Situation's birthday, I had to look it up.

Notice anything disturbing about Benji?


I've never seen anything like this card.  Look closely.  

Here is the back.  It's Russian.  I had a flashback to my days in the Cold War Navy.

Sam Narron is preparing to throw some kind of pitch.  And some kind of tantrum too.  Check out that lip.

Mini time!  It's Brandon Boggs, circa 2008.

This package contained all kinds of different cards and I thought I'd wrap things up with this Brian McCann. It's really just my effort to make Captain Canuck jealous.

Kerry, thanks for the cards.  Next time I'll try to give them a full on awake post.


  1. That Russian card is awesome! I need to find a copy of one of those.

  2. Good eye - It's Dan Peltier

  3. Long-time-ago post on the '93 Topps Russian card:

    I've marveled over that card in my collection for quite awhile.

  4. I hate interleague too, Now that it's year-round, I don't think we'll ever get rid of it.

  5. I found the Russian card at a card show once after not knowing it existed the first time around, and I bought a ton of baseball cards in 1993. I was convinced that it was fake until I looked it up. It was a little damaged, so I used it (as I often do) as the one of the outer cards in a team bag.

    The Juan Gonzalez card isn't a parallel. I don't think Topps was that clever, yet. If I recall, they honored the MVP of each league in the minors by creating a card for that player with a drawing instead of the photo. I've heard rumblings that there are variations in that set where there are some drawings of some non-MVP players in place of the real thing, but I haven't seen it for myself.

  6. Also, I hate the Astros move to the AL even more than year round interleague (which I also hate.)

  7. I have to add that Russian Trio card to my Cheap Cool Card collection. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i agree, brother. down with inter-league play.
    it's played out !

  9. Consider this my contribution to help you start your anti-Selig blog. (Remember, he started out as a used car salesman!)

  10. I love the interleague play, honestly. How doesn't love a good Blue Jays-Diamondbacks matchup in the dog days of summer?

  11. Also, the text on the Russian cards looks like HOT POCKETS to me.

  12. pockets!!! I hate interleague too...but all sports play all divisions now like hockey playing east vs west and nfc vs afc.