Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 Topps Series 2: Hanging Box Edition

It's sad, but I think I lost interest in this post before I started it.  I'm going to give it to you anyway because I said I would.  I posted my blaster results this morning and this is a comparison post. 

The major differences between the blaster and the hanging box are this:

1--The blaster has a manupatch and no chance at a "hit".  The hanging box has "hits", but long odds on pulling one.

2--I pulled 20 blue Walmart parallels in the blaster and 5 in the hanging box. 

3--I got 4 gold Chasing History inserts in the hanging box and zero in the blaster.

I'll start off with a few of the base cards that caught my eye.

Is this a tag 'em out, throw 'em out double play?  I'm totally distracted by the D'Butt on the right.  I'll regret typing that. 

In this morning's blaster post, I showed a Salvador Perez homerun trot.   Now we have a Billy Butler walk off.  When did player's start throwing their helmet before they got to home? 

Really not a good play at the plate shot.  I'm thinking the runner is safe. 

Here is a different play at the plate card.  Unfortunately, you can't see the runner or the catcher. 

Is it just me or does Brett Myers look like....

...Todd Hoffman from Gold Rush?

Hey mom, I'm on a baseball card!  Oh crap!  Thanks a lot Topps. 

I guess this counts as an Emerald play at the plate.  It's Michael Cuddyer if you can't tell. 

Here are the four Gold Chasing History inserts I pulled.  Derek Jeter, Jordan Zimmerman, Phil Niekro and Hank Aaron.  I didn't get any of those in the blaster and I don't know if you even can. 

Pretty much anything you see except the base is up for trade. 

Now I need to track down one of those awesome Derek Holland base cards. 


  1. About that Kratz, the way my Phils have been playing this year, I'm willing to bet you the ball is still in the outfield somewhere!!

  2. The Royals do a stupid thing where if you hit a walk-off, the rest of the team comes out and basically beats the crap out of you around home plate. The tossing the helmet signifies "Hey Guys - I'm defenseless - better go easy on me."

    1. And now they're dumping barbecue sauce all over each other.

  3. what else is sad, I lost interest in this post before I started reading it!!

    and that Kratz card really sums up the Phillies season well... "NOT EVEN CLOSE!!"