Saturday, June 15, 2013

Knot holes, refractors and carriers, oh my

I wouldn't consider the 1982 Topps design to be one of Topps' best designs, but it's ok.  Everyone knows it's the hockey stick set, right?  Seeing so many of today's players on Archives version of 1982 is kind of weird.  For me, you can't beat original cards, no matter the year. 

Take these two gems for example.

I know for a fact I used to have these 1982 Johnny Bench cards.  That was the second year of my collecting days, but I guess they were victims of the great garage sale purge. 

This card should be called ALMOST In Action or maybe even Potential Action, but In Action?  Who cares really, I was just amazed to receive these sweet cards from Brian over at Waxaholic.  These were some of the last cards I scanned way back in March...about the time I went off the grid. 

Back then I was feeling sort of off-kilter, like this scan of Mickey Rivers' 1981 Fleer Star Sticker. I can't vouch for Mick, but I'm feeling better these days.

Wes Littleton was KNOT a big star for the Rangers, but he did fill a HOLE for them after this 2003 Bowman Heritage card came out.  From 2006-2008, he pitched in 80 games, going 5-3 with 3 saves.

Great googly-moogly, will you look at that hunk.  Of plastic.  That's a 2005 Topps Pristine Nolan Ryan Refractor # 436/549.  Oddly numbered, oddly packaged and greatly appreciated.  It's a real thing of beauty although the scanner didn't like it much.  As much as I like the Ryan, it wasn't the high point of this package. 

Will you please look at that vintage beauty?  That is what we in the Navy called, projecting power.   It's a 1954 Bowman USS Franklin D. Roosevelt Power for Peace card.  This card immediately finds itself in the top tier of favorite cards in my collection. 

Cap, thanks so much and I'm sorry it took so long for me to get these posted. 


  1. no worries pal... I'm glad you like 'em and they got there okay.

  2. I love the "hockey stick" set! One of my favorite 80's designs. But that 54B aircraft carrier is even sweeter.

  3. That '54 is a really sweet card!
    It reminds me to finish putting together that "Floating Fortresses" subset from Ginter a few years back...

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  5. Reading this post reminds me of Amit's old room mate... whom I really wish would shut the %$%^ up!!

    But seriously, love the Naval Powers cards, or any of the Military stuff. Coming from a BIG Navy town here in Norfolk, and being in the ship-building industry myself, I love seeing the GReat warships, and action shots are too cool!