Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I have needs

I'm not talking wantlists and I'm not going blue. 

I have a need to open packs.  I fight it for as long as I can, but in the end, I have a need to open packs.  That's why, when I couldn't find any Archives blasters for nearly a week after they appeared on the blogosphere, I bought another Gypsy Queen blaster.  (I've since opened two Archives blasters, but as usual of late, I'm tardy in getting this post up.)

As it turns it, the GQ blaster was one of the better blasters I've opened in quite a while.  Not so much from a Ranger perspective, but you'll see. 

The first pack had a Tim Lincecum SP.  Not exactly the player I'd pick, but an SP nonetheless.  Somewhat tradeable I'd imagine.  The mini in the first pack was Hank Aaron.  I like minis so I like this one, but seeing such a larger than life legend on a mini is somewhat odd. 

Pack 2 and 3 had nothing worth showing and I mean nothing (unless you count the Felix Hernandez and Roy Halladay No Hitter inserts).  Pack four had one of those Collisions at the Plate cards.  Obviously my choice for Insert of the Year.  An Austin Jackson Sliding Stars insert was also in pack four. 

Moving on to pack five, another SP, another team I don't like.  Still, I picture someone getting gunned down at the plate at the end of this throw by Mike Trout. 

Pack six was pretty loaded with inserts.  I pulled this Giancarlo Stanton Framed Paper #16/499.  That's a 1:35 card.  This pack also had a Bob Feller No Hitter card (1:4) and a Bryce Harper Glove Stories card (1:6). 

The seventh pack had a card I can mark off my wantlist before it's created.  This Jurickson Profar mini was joined in the pack by my fourth No Hitter insert of the blaster.  That's twice as many of those as you should normally get.  Not that those are any big deal or anything. 

I was not expecting anything out of the last pack, but lo and behold a Mark Trumbo autograph showed up.  That's a 1:97 pull.  The signature isn't great, but I have to say, I like these on-card autos.  As if the Aaron mini I mentioned earlier wasn't odd enough, this pack had a Babe Ruth mini.

Talk about someone who doesn't belong on a mini. 


  1. At least it's someone we know and it's not a sticker auto of some 97th round mlb pick. Good card though.

  2. Congrats. Nice blaster you got there.

  3. Great pulls!

    Though, I'm wondering about the face that is blurred out in the Profar mini.
    What's that person's story? Seems like they're having a good time...

  4. Batboy perhaps? Didn't sign a release form?

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