Friday, May 23, 2014

A Familiar Face

You see it all the time.  An image of a baseball player that is used on different cards from different sets. Sometimes the image may be used in different years and even over a period of several years if it's one of the many cards now being produced each year that feature "legends" from the past.  

I don't generally see that kind of stuff happening with the Rangers for a couple of reasons.  First, the Rangers don't have the pedigree of actual baseball legends like some other teams.  Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Stan Musial, Ted Williams...the list could go on and on.  Sure, Nolan Ryan played here for a few years, but there aren't 200 different cards being made of Ryan every year.  It seems like there are that many "new" Jackie Robinson cards every year and many of them are using the same photos.  

I did happen to notice one picture of a current Ranger that was used on a couple of different products.  

This is a 2014 Bowman Silver paper parallel of Derek Holland #1/75.  When I got it, I knew I had seem that same expression on another card.  

This is a 2013 Triple Threads card of Derek Holland.  If the 'stache wasn't disturbing enough on the Bowman card, you get a close-up on the TTT card.  Same expression, same grip, same red laces on the glove.  Regardless of the re-issue of the same image, I'm getting more into chasing Derek Holland cards.

I wonder what image has appeared on the most cards (insane Topps parallels of every color not included). I'm sure someone out there has a pretty good idea.

Feeling up to a challenge?


  1. That one Jackie Robinson photo seems to get used a couple times per year. But yeah, Topps has sure been lazy/cheap with photos since they got their monopoly.

  2. i would agree that it's likely a photo of jackie. at least topps found a few different mantle pictures for the onslaught of his cards in the 2000's...