Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From troubled waters to silky smooth

The last two weeks have been crazy.  My wife was involved in a wreck that may have totaled our car (I find out this morning).  The wreck wasn't her fault and she has had pretty significant back and neck pain which is getting worse, not better.

Things at work may be changing soon.  I'm sure you're holding your breath so I'll let you know when I find out.

The unknown with my wife, my car and work is stressing me somewhat.

I thought I'd find comfort in some silk.

Silky Jurickson came via Ebay.

Silky Elvis came via my buddies over at Community Gum.

The cards aren't making me feel any better.  Yet.

Maybe when all the uncertainty is over, I can appreciate them more.


  1. Best of luck with everything, most importantly your wife's health.

  2. Hang in there. Hope your wife feels better.

  3. Good luck. He all turns out well

  4. Wow. Hope everything is ok. Sorry to hear about your wife.