Friday, May 16, 2014

Catching a Wave

Many of you keep a few packs or boxes to open for a rainy day.  I don't have the patience to save an unopened pack.  Not even one.  I almost always open my packs in the car and that's only because the store's frown upon you opening the packs in the checkout line.

That's why it was so hard for me to have the 2014 Bowman Hobby Box that Topps donated for my 2000th post contest lying around.  I wanted to tear into that thing and see how many Superfractors could be in one box!   Jedi Jeff over at 2X3 Heroes will be happy to know that I didn't open it and it went out in the mail on Thursday.

To celebrate my remarkable control not to tear open the Hobby Box, I purchased the last 2014 Bowman Value Pack from my local Walmart.  That pack had been there for 4 or 5 days, all by itself.  I didn't really want it as I was holding out for the possibility that they might get some of those blister packs of Heritage with the black parallels.  Maybe they only have those at Target because I still haven't seen one.

I decided since I gave away a box of Bowman so I'd just buy the value pack.  No one else seemed to want it.

Pack one was pedestrian.  The usual assorted base cards, prospects and two Chrome cards of players I've never heard of and probably won't ever make it to the Show.

Packs 2 and 3 made me laugh.

Here we are in the car.  Can you tell how excited I am?

Here are packs 2 and 3 from the value pack  Same Chris Bostick base card for the Rangers.  If you have to get a dupe, it might as well be for the team you collect.

Wait just a minute. Am I seeing dueling Orange Wave packs?

Isn't that something.  Two Orange Wave refractor packs.  The same two base cards on top and 5 Orange Wave refractors in one pack with 4 Orange and 1 Green refractors in the other.  I was shocked as I hadn't pulled any of these in the two blasters or two value packs I opened previously.

The Orange Waves are:

Logan Vick--Indians
Cesar Puello--Mets
Micah Johnson--White Sox
Zach Borenstein--Angels
Jacob May--White Sox
Jordan Paroubeck--Padres
Josh Hader--Astros
Rustin Wright--Phillies
Gabriel Rosa--Reds

The Green Wave is Jake Barrett, #10/25 for the DBacks.

Judson from My Cardboard Habit and I were talking about how I seem to pull DBacks all the time and this is just further proof of that.

Have a great weekend and may all your packs have hits from your favorite team/player!


  1. Congratulations. The Cardboard Gods are rewarding you for the generous contest.

  2. Bahahahahaha As soon as I saw Barrett, I thought, "He pulled another damn DBack. Poor Guy." Hahahahahaha

  3. Nice congrats on PC base, so wait instead of purple parallels you get all orange? What is this a Vegas slot machine?

  4. Very cool!
    Me pulling a Red Sox hit? Fat chance, I have enough problems trying to get the base cards.

  5. If you still have the Puello would like to trade you for it and what other Mets stuff you may have.