Friday, October 31, 2014

The other half

Happy Halloween.  That's a weird thing to say isn't it?  Happy scary day...strange.  Of course, it's the middle of the night and I'm in a half-coma, so what do I know.

I posted the other day about a few cards I got for 50 cents from my LCS friend.  I thought I'd show the other half of the cards and let you tell me again if I got a good deal.

2004 Heritage is one of my favorite Heritage sets.  I found this Todd Helton chrome version in one of the boxes I searched through and threw it in the pile.

At one time, these 1998 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future cards were popping up across the blogosphere.  I think the fact that they have actual water in them makes them a unique and weird collectible.   This is Paul Konerko with the Dodgers.  That sounds weird.

I found the Konerko and this Brad Fullmer in another box and decided I needed a couple of these right away.  They are perfect for the Doomsday Prepper who collect cards.  You can always use them as a source of drinking water.  (I would NOT drink that water...just sayin').

This 2002 Topps 206 Greg Maddux wasn't in the dollar group. It actually didn't cost me a thing as he gave to to me free just 'cause he's a nice guy.

The last card in the "buck" lot was this old thing.  It's not really vintage in my book, but I'm not turning down any early Cal Ripken Jr.  Even if he isn't going by Jr.

The other cards I bought will be revealed as a part of my November contest.  It starts tomorrow so I hope to see you back!

Be safe out there tonight and send me all your Reese's Peanut Butter cups.  You don't want those things anyway.


  1. It's very odd that I've never seen that Ripken card before (trying very hard not to look like I want the Konerko card).

  2. I forgot about those wave of the future cards. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cal looks so pale!

    Love those Wave of the Future cards.. and yeah, it's supposedly glittery vegetable oil in there, so don't drink it.