Saturday, April 4, 2015

An Arbitrary Call

 I've seen a lot of box breaks.  I've seen a lot of case breaks.  I've taken part in a few of each.  I've only seen one group "trade" break and as it turns out, it was pretty fun.  (He says sheepishly since he still has to send his part of the trade out.)

Brian of the delightfully named Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary did just that.  He bought some boxes, busted them and all he asked in return was a trade of similar cards.

I'm not entirely sure John Wetteland understands how this is supposed to work.  John, you throw the ball, I catch ball.  Brian sends the cards, the other Brian sends cards back.  Got it?  Ummmm....maybe?

Brian sent a nice batch of cards, including the ever popular Deckle Edge cards.

Michael Young worn a jersey to an event and Topps chopped it into little bits and now I have one!  Ok, it's not that exciting, but still...

How about a little 1984 Olympic Gold Medal Allen and Ginter goodness?  I like it.  It fits in nicely with my growing Team USA collection.

Brian, I'll be working on your return package this weekend.  Thanks!

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