Friday, April 3, 2015

You know you make me wanna shout!!

Card packages are so much fun to open. Small ones, large ones and everything in between.  They are all great, especially when you don't know what's inside.

You might get a very excited Pudge with a silver signature.

You might get a Hall of Fame Catcher, a soon to be Hall of Fame catcher and...who?

You might get a card that combines the best of your two favorites...Team USA and Will Clark.

You might get a beautiful card that combines THREE of our favorites (shiny, Team USA and Joe Mauer) with one of your least favorites (Panini).

You definitely might get a shiny blue card that would be gorgeous if it had logos.  Said card might also be #2/75 on the back.

You could also get a shiny, non-logo card that is #17/25.

The package might well contain a 2003 Fleer EX Rafael Palmeiro #56/82.

You might also just happen to find a Jurickson Profar Finest auto in said package.

Yep, you sure might get a package that looks like that.  Except that I DID get a package like that and it came from Jon over at Community Gum.

Thanks a bunch Jon.


  1. Nice package of cards. What set is the Will Clark from?