Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Greatest Bip of All Time

Every team has one.  It may not be spectacular and unbelievable like the Rangers', but every team has one.  I'm talking about the biggest Free Agent bust in team history.  You may want to say it was Alex Rodriguez and his 10 year, $250 million contract, but at least he produced numbers.  Sure, they were steroid induced numbers, but they were numbers.

Chan Ho Park on the other hand...well, lotsa dough, little production.  Chan Ho Park played 4 seasons for the the Rangers.  He went 22-23 and made $48,648,770.  That's exactly $2,211,307.73 per win. Nice work if you can get it.

I said all that to say this: being a team collector means you have to suck it up and collect a guy you'd rather forget.  That's why I say thank you to the great Fuji of The Chronicles of Fuji, for this Chan Ho Park tablecloth relic piece.

Fuji also sent me this not yet Ranger, but now former Ranger Alex Rios Diamond King dual bat relic card.  I'm betting he thought this was a Rangers card, because I've made the same mistake with that Toronto T.   I've also received a fair number of Toronto cards from this era in trade packages and I can only assume it's for the same reason.  It is a low numbered beauty, #49/50.

Not to leave out the real Rangers, Fuji threw in this Hank Blalock jersey/bat Diamond King.  One might think this was also numbered to 100, but one would be wrong.  This one is #75/100.

That leads us to the best Bip Roberts card in the history of Bip Roberts cards.

This is a wonderful, amazing, stupendous, out of sight, off the charts, PLAY AT THE PLATE 1993 Stadium Club Bip "F"ing Roberts!!!!!!  I'm in cardboard love my friends and it's all because of our little cupid friend, Fuji!

Thanks for the great package my friend!!


  1. That's an awesome bunch of cards!

  2. If it makes you feel better, I often look twice at Texas Rangers cards to make sure they're not Blue Jays cards from the 00's.

  3. Among the greatest Bip cards for sure. Love it.