Friday, May 29, 2015

One of these days...

I miss blogging every day, sometimes twice a day, like you would not believe.  I miss reading 30, 40, 50 or more blog posts every day, commenting on lots of them.  I once commented on nearly every blog post of the complete series of posts on one blog.  Mostly I miss digging into my cards and finding stuff to blog about.  New cards, old cards (I LOVE old cards), trade packages, contests (I've had a few, won a few), you name it.  I love blogging.  I've mentioned on numerous occasions how my job just doesn't afford me the time to blog.  It's just a fact.  I'm STILL at work...but it's late and I'm working 17 hours today so I'm writing a post.  Sue me.

I've decided that instead of complaining about not having time to blog, I'm just going to blog when I can. Like now.  I'm in the middle of a HUGE reorg project.  I posted three pics on Twitter of what I was doing (@patpdude).  It's actually been a lot of fun.  When I finish, I will reveal some things you may find shocking, some you may find appalling, maybe even a couple that will make you question whether I've ever really been a collector.  We'll see.

Here's what I'm looking at right now.

This box has some un-sorted Rangers in it.  It has lot's of non-Rangers in it.  It has some pretty cool stuff in it.  If you like manu-relics of Mr. October in an A's uniform, facemask parts on a catcher card and seat relics that no president's ass has ever touched.

This is what I'm working on next week. My wife is recovering from surgery and I have the next 9 days off (two weekends and a week).  I'm hoping to make great progress on my reorg project.  I'll try to keep you guys in the loop, because despite what you're saying in your head right now, I know you really do care.  Because you're just that kind of person.

So keep on blogging, trading, busting wax and generally keeping this hobby alive.  I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere any time soon.  


  1. Get well soon to your wife!

    I have been having a hard time getting posts created myself. So many things to post about, too.

  2. Glad you're still here and miss blogging! ... Nine days for reorganizing cards -- jealous.

  3. Hope all is going okay for your wife. Health issues always suck.

    Enjoy your organizational time too! I couldn't even get all of Memorial Day to do that!

  4. pass along well wishes to Mrs PATP.

    as for the re-org, remember that most of this stuff is recyclable.
    Yeah... I said it.

  5. Hope all goes well for your wife and with your reorganizing!

  6. Hope all goes well. Enjoy the nine days