Friday, March 4, 2016

Worth the effort

I watched for years as other people posted their TTM returns and always thought, I could do that.  I just never did.  

Until last year. 

Due to my lack of posting last year, I didn't post these as I received them so I'm going to give you a recap of my 2015 successes...and failures.  

I'm a positive, optimistic person (haha) so this will just be the successes.  Between February 27th and April 29th of 2015, I mailed out 50 TTM requests to MLB players and managers.  Until I started this recap, I thought my returns were great.  Then I ran the numbers and I realized I had 14 good returns for a 28% success rate.  Honestly, I don't know how that compares to the rates of other people, but I'll take it.  Every time one of those envelopes comes back, it's a real buzz of excitement.  That's saying something for this old guy.

So let's see who was kind enough to send something back signed.

My first successful return was from Alex Gonzalez.  He even personalized it which was nice.

Return time: 10 days

I didn't really have much expectation of getting Adrian Beltre's cards back, but I sure was happy when these came back.

Allen and Ginter cards are great for TTMs because the card stock really takes the Sharpie well and the design, at least on the 2013 cards, works well for the signature.

Return time: 24 days

Colby Lewis has to be a fan favorite now.  He's been a workhorse for the Rangers and I'm very happy he'll be back with the team in 2016.

Return time: 10 days

I was coming back from Florida with the family and it's a long story, but I ended up on a different flight than them.  Four hours different.  Don't ask why, but I had taken some TTM supplies with me just in case I had some down time.  Lo and behold, some of the time at the airport was spent prepping the TTMs and it paid off.  John Gibbons was in a group of manager cards I had pulled.

Return time: 11 days

Terry Collins was in the airport batch as well and it came back the same day as Gibbons.

Return time: 11 days

Nelson Cruz, 50 game suspension aside, was one of my favorites when he was here because he game my kid a ball, then signed it.  Ok, truth be told, he threw the ball to my son, he missed it and it hit him in the stomach.

I don't know if Nelson is a good TTM signer, but he came through for me.

Return time: 31 days

I saw Mark Lowe was with the Mariners in Spring Training and the only card I could find was this 2013 Topps Mini.  Whatever works.

Return time: 33 days

The next two are more airport TTMs.  I know a certain Dodger fan that will love this Matt Williams.

Return time: 19 days

I sent this one because someone told me Buck was a good signer.  Good advice.

Return time: 22 days

Yovani Gallardo signed with the Rangers and I dug out a card to send it.  Little did I realize, I sent out two different cards at separate times.  I got them both back on the same day.

Return time: 77 days

This one really looks nice on the Ginter card.

Return time: 60 days

Neftali is no longer with the team, but he came through with a nice Heritage card.

Return time: 80 days

I was gathering David Murphy cards to send and since I had dupes of this Archives card so I sent two.  He signed each one with a different bible verse.

Ummmm...number two.

Again with the Ginter and it looks great.

Return time: 129 days

The last baseball TTM return of 2015 actually didn't show up until January 29, 2016.  While I still hope some more from last year come in, this is the last one so far.  I know Josh Hamilton is a good signer, but it does take time to get stuff back.

Return time: 276 days

TTM season is well under way for 2016 and I've gotten a couple of returns so far.  

I'll be back with a recap of my other 2015 TTM successes from outside the world of baseball.

If you're TTMing this year, good luck.  If you're not, try it.  It's worth the effort.


  1. Congrats on the great TTMs. It looks like you got nearly half of the WS Rangers roster lol.
    Last year I sent close to 400 requests and ended up with 240, which is a shade over 50%. Sometimes the best things about TTMs can be unexpected requests that you've forgotten about coming back at the most randomest of times.

  2. I usually end up around 40%. I don't have exact numbers because of my stupid spreadsheet snafu, but I think that's fairly accurate for me based on who I send to.

    Players from the 70s and 80s, as well as prospects, do fairly well for me versus current major leaguers. I'm sure that's not news to you.

    Regardless, congrats on the success. Keep up the great work!

  3. Very nice successes. You got some returns from some tough signers. I use the success percentages on to minimize my negative returns. Still send to some long shots from time to time tho.

  4. Very nice successes. You got some returns from some tough signers. I use the success percentages on to minimize my negative returns. Still send to some long shots from time to time tho.

  5. Good stuff.. congrats! The Beltre cards might be my favorite. I've been sending out a few TTM requests in recent months, but don't think I've tried a current major leaguer yet, rather tending to stick to safer bets of minor leaguers and retired guys.

  6. There are a few I've been thinking of sending to.. I almost want to wait on the one I've been thinking of until I have a duplicate

  7. Great returns! Love getting a SASE back in the mail. Never quite sure who it is and what they sent (sometimes they send extras).

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