Sunday, April 28, 2013


Man, it's been a tough ride around here lately.

You may have seen the news about the D.A. and his wife that were killed in their home by a former Justice of the Peace down here in Texas.  Well, that happened about a 1/2 mile from my house on a street I drive down EVERY day.  It's a small community where crime is virtually non-existent so it came as a great shock.  Initially, when the people who committed the crime were unknown, it was quite stressfull to be working nights while my wife was home with the kids.  I was worried about them every night. 

Stack on that the death of two family members AND the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas and I've had my fill of tragedy.  I don't know anyone in West, but we stop there every time we go to Austin which is pretty frequently.  It's a great midpoint stop for restroom breaks and they have the regionally famous Czech Bakery which has loads of great food. 

I'm not slighting the Boston Marathon tragedy, but I didn't know anyone involved in that and it didn't happen in my backyard.  Still, it was a sad day for all of us. 

I've got a backlog of trade packages that need posting and a major stack of packages that need to go out.  I haven't forgotten you guys/gals and I promise to be working on these slowly, but surely.  Thanks for your patience!

I've been reading along even though I'm not commenting much.  Baseball cards and baseball in general hasn't been front of mind lately, but they still make a great distraction from real life and that has been a blessing.  Thanks to all of you who have sent me cards recently or in the past.  It's a moment of joy to open those packages. 

Back soon.


  1. Life first, baseball cards a close 2nd.

    We're still here...hang in there brother!!

  2. Sports and cardboard are always of low importance when it comes to life and family.

    You can always hop back into the blogging foray whenever you are ready.

    Good Luck my man.

  3. my friend, you need to take some of that amazing luck you have in opening baseball cards and pulling really cool stuff, and start using it in life.

    just a suggestion. you can thank me later :)

    take care pal...

  4. like kris kristofferson (and later robbie robertson) said, 'don't let the bastards get you down'.

    also, i'm sending you a moment of joy later this week.

  5. Hang in there buddy. The bad will pass in time.

    You're right, these blogs and baseball are maintaining as constant positives for me too.

  6. I'm down here in Waco - it's rough times for us in Texas for sure...

  7. I hope the ride gets a little smoother for you buddy.

  8. Just found your blog. Sorry for your loss. The tragedies here in Texas have been a shock for all of us, but we're a resilient bunch. Prayers to you, my friend.

  9. This is late but I too am sorry for your losses. I hope things in life have improved since this post.

    A few years ago, while living in a Chicago neighborhood, a man broke into a judge's house (in Andersonville neighborhood) and hid in the basement waiting to kill some of her family members. It was very sad and disturbing for several days while law enforcement tried to find the suspect. I know the feeling you were going through.