Friday, May 10, 2013

This IS not helping

I thought I'd try to snap out of my "real life sucks right now" funk by making a small purchase from the card aisle.  I don't hate this year's Gypsy Queen set like a lot of people do so I picked up one of the value packs.  Even though I know better, I also picked up a couple packs of Panini's Prizm offering. 

Let me say right now that just because I think something is awful and you don't, doesn't mean I don't like you.  I do like you.  You're reading my blog and we've probably traded so I think you're swell.

I don't think that about Panini and more specifically, Prizm.  Prizm is by far the worst thing I've seen in a baseball card since...well, I think since ever.  I don't think you could make and uglier baseball card on purpose.  I really don't.  If I had never bought a pack of cards before and I didn't know how awesome vintage cards are or how great Ginter is and my only experience with baseball cards was Prizm, I would NEVER buy or look at another card.  It's that bad. 

I'll show you my two packs to prove it. 

There is such a thing as too much foilboard.  This is the proof.  I know logos aren't important to some people, but these guys look they're playing in a bad prison league. 

Youkilis and Upton look they are playing in pajamas.   Awful.  I can't find one redeeming quality in these cards.  Maybe it's because I didn't get any Rangers, but I can imagine how awful those cards look too. 

I know some people might feel the same way about GQ that I feel about Prizm, but that's what makes the blogosphere so great.  Everyone can collect what they want.

Here is one of the things I like about GQ.

Not all the white bordered cards look as good as this Duke Snider, but this one is really nice.  I love the contrast of the green grass with the white uniform and border.

Naturally my favorite part of this years GQ offering are the Collisions at the Plate cards.  It's as if they were listening when I said I wanted these. 

I'm a mini-lover too so it's always nice to get one of the parallel minis. This is a sepia Robin Roberts mini, #27/50. 

I'm ready for some Ginter action now.  After I get all these packages mailed out...

Oh hey, it's nice to "see" ya'll again. 


  1. I would love to see what Prizm would look like with an MLB license. Making anything but a dirt cheap set without a license just doesn't make sense. IF it's going to look cheap anyway, it might as well be dirt cheap.

  2. Thanks for blogging.

    I agree on the Prizm. Besides the annoying misspelling of the brand name, the lack of logos doesn't help the late '90s knock-off design.

  3. I got a Collisions card in the first (and only) pack of GQ I purchased. Great-looking card.

  4. I don't care for Panini's current baseball offerings either. That said I'll gladly take that Upton card off your hands!

  5. Glad to know someone else thinks Prizm look like total shat.

  6. 2013 GQ > 1991 Fleer > 2012 Panini Prizm (as is)
    2013 GW > 2012 Panini Prizm (w/MLB logos) > 1991 Fleer

  7. It's really too bad, because I actually kind of like the Prizm basketball cards I've seen. Baseball just looks so shitty without a license.

  8. I'm actually loving the Prizm baseball. The lack of logos are not a distraction to me and I really dig the design. And I'm actually pretty close to feeling the same way about GQ you feel about Prizm. The hits & inserts have plenty of redeeming quality, but the base set is absolutely hideous to look at and one pack was more than I really needed to buy of that junk.

    Anyway, I'll gladly take any unwanted Prizm off your hands. I'm seriously considering collecting the base set and maybe some of the inserts.

    Also, I'm trying to remember if you ever sent anything back after that package I sent your way early last year, cuz I am about ready to put another package together for you.

    1. The Upton is spoken for, but the rest are all yours.

  9. I do my best to stay away from products without MLB logos...

    It's kind of like sex without a's pretty good but.....

  10. that Roberts mini is too awesome!! you can never go wrong with a Phillie, and an old school Phillie is even better...