Friday, April 15, 2011

Humerus? Yes. Humorous? No.

It's not breaking news that Josh Hamilton broke his arm sliding headfirst into home plate. It's not breaking news that he threw his third base coach under the bus and then apologized for it. None of that takes away from the recent memory of my own son's incident at home plate.

I love plays at the plate. Neither of these bad "breaks" has changed that. Josh should have slid feet first and my son, well, he just had some bad luck.

Some time back, I received a package from John L. If memory serves, and it often does NOT, I traded some of those Orange Topps Chrome refractors for these nice Rangers cards.

First up is this 2009 Ballpark Collection Quad swatch.

It doesn't matter how much I crop or resize these horizontal cards, I can't get them to load right. It's frustrating and a bit disorienting. Anyway, this Ryan Braun, Josh Hamilton, Chien-Ming Wang, Hiroki Kuroda card is #288/400. I traded some shiny, but I got some nice shiny in return.

This is a 2005 Topps Finest Hank Blalock Refractor #364/399. In 2004 Hank hit 38 doubles, 32 homers and drove in 110 runs. I was sure sorry to see Hank's career fizzle out the way it did. As of April 7th, I don't think he had signed on with anyone.

This next card is a real beauty.

I never buy Finest because of the high price so it's nice to add this 2010 Finest Ian Kinsler Refractor #532/599.

Thanks for the cards John.

I'm hoping to get a trade package or two posted each week to get caught up.

I'm also hoping Josh Hamilton is out 6 weeks instead of 8.


  1. You interested in a Blalock auto? I pulled one numbered to 75 from a box of 2003 Fleer Avant.

  2. Magglio slid feet first last year and snapped his leg in half. Crazy things happen.