Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On Target

Potch Wheeler and His Cardboard Heroes pulled a Heritage Black Bordered Parallel Neftali Feliz from one of those Target 3 pack blister packs. I put a claim in on the Neftali. Understandably, he wanted a black bordered card (Cubs, Tigers or Reds) in return so I needed to buy one of these blister packs to get some trade bait. Potch and I have already arranged our trade, but here are some of the highlights of my three blister packs. By the way, the Target only had three of the blisters so I bought all three.

As you probably know already, the blister pack has three Heritage packs plus three of the black bordered parallels. I was hoping to pull some trade bait for Potch plus a few extra Rangers for myself. I wasn't disappointed.

Nelson Cruz was the very first black bordered parallel I saw. That was a pleasant surprise.

The second blister pack didn't disappoint either.

The first black bordered parallel in pack 2 was this Rangers Danger card with Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz. Obviously I'm still having issues with my horizontal card scans.

That was all the Rangers black bordered parallels, but I'll be posting the others as trade bait in a few days.

I did notice a few other quirky things about my packs.

Two of the cards in one of the packs look like this Hot Corner Guardians. I don't know how much you can tell from the pic, but the lower portion of the card is purple-ish instead of brown and burlapy. I'm guessing it's just a production error. The other purple-ish card is Skip Schumaker.

Also quirky, in one three pack blister I got a Ryan Braun Sporting News All-Star in each pack and one of those packs had two different Babe Ruth cards.

I also got a chrome card in each blister pack.

First up was Delmon Young. This shiny Twin is #1112/1962 and was immediately snatched up by my son. The Twins have become his second favorite team thanks to Joe Mauer.

The second blister pack revealed this shiny red beauty. The Home Run Leaders card is #200/1962.

The last blister pack contained my first Heritage Chrome Refractor of the year. Ty Wigginton is #439/562.

That's probably about it for me and Heritage this year. At least for purchases. I'll have to collate what I've got and see how close I am to having the whole set. I should have some dupes to trade when I get organized. Ha...I've been trying to do that for months now with very little success.


  1. I'd love to get that Wigginton from you. I still have the Goudey Nolan Ryan you wanted. Plus I'm sure I could scare up some other goodies for you.

  2. I still can't believe your retail luck. Out of all the Heritage 3-pack exclusive things I've bought, I've pulled exactly one Dodger.

    Meanwhile, I have like 5 black-border Nationals over the last 2 years.