Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two 1954 cards I don't get to keep

Back in early January I finished up the MCG Tradeathon. I was able to trade a bunch of cards no one wanted for two nice vintage 1954 cards and then random them off to the participants. The Brooklyn Met from Clear Cut Cards got first choice.

He chose the 1954 Topps Ray Boone I acquired. This is the card Topps sent me. You can see it has some type of water (or other liquid) damage to the left side from top to bottom. The corners are a little rough, but it's not terrible. I know I'd be happy to have it in my collection.

The second "winner" was Mark from Stats on the Back. Mark hasn't posted recently (I can relate) so I hope all is well with him. He got the second card by default and it's another nice 1954 card.

It's in rougher condition than the Boone card, but this Jim Pendleton defines vintage. That left sleeve patch is awesome. It's rough around the corners and on the right edge and there are lots of creases on the upper right side. I'd be willing to keep it in my collection, but it will be going out to Mark soon. Thanks again to all the participants in the Tradeathon. Maybe I'll do it again toward the latter stages of the Diamond Giveaway with 2011 Topps.

I'll get to the MCG cards I get to keep sometime. Maybe even this week!

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