Friday, April 22, 2011

I want you back

Dear Blog,

I've been neglecting you lately. I used to feed you twice a day every day. I gave you scans and witty (at least in my mind) conversation. We shared trades and rants and even a contest or two. Well, at least we still have our contests.

Then it all fell apart. We had some health issues. People close to us broke leg bones. Six years of working the night shift has taken it's toll on one of us. To top it all off, they actually started giving me real work to do that has cut into the time we spend together.

I say enough is enough. We have a choice to make. Break up or rekindle the fire that burned so intensely when we first met. I'm all for going back to the early days of our relationship when I couldn't wait to spend time with you. What do you say?

Let's take a little of that money Uncle Sam returned to us and replace the scanner and get back to our normal selves. We owe it to our family (you dear reader). If they even want us back to normal.

I miss you blog.

And I want you back.


  1. I think that blog misses you as well. I enjoy the witty banter, even if it is an ode to your

  2. See, that's why I keep my blog as a mistress. All the fun without all the business to get in the way.

    I want you to get a scanner and come back. After all, I think I sent you a package like the day the scanner broke. I demand that my package be shown to all. Wait...that didn't sound right. Oh well.

  3. I'm taking the day off, so the witty banter has to go somewhere. How bout if you start right now?

    Or, whenever you're ready.

  4. Come back soon PATP please. While I do want to see the cards Spankee sent you, I do NOT want to see his package!!!

  5. I'd give you a scanner if it wouldn't cost so much to ship it.