Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Topps Did What?

So I'm reading that Topps has deviated from the sell sheets for Gypsy Queen by including only one autograph instead of the promised two per box. They also cut the set from 450 to 350 cards.

That's not good business if you ask me. It doesn't seem to have hurt sales as the price of boxes/cases is up and most places are out of stock already.

If you pre-ordered your box/case and you're only getting half the number of autos, I'm thinking you have a right to be a little pissed off. If you bought into some group breaks and your odds hitting an auto have been cut in half, I think you have the same right to be pissed off.

Before I start exercising my rights, I guess I'll wait and see what happens in the group breaks I'm involved in. Even if I hit some good cards, if the numbers of autos aren't what was originally "sold" by Topps, I'll still be ticked.

Not that it matters.

It's a monopoly don't you know.


  1. Agree with your thoughts here. While I'm still excited to participate in a group break for this product, it is a bit of a bummer that odds were reduced for everyone.

    The sell sheets seem pretty useless to me if the actual product is going to be significantly less than what is advertised.

  2. I'm not a collector who looks at sell sheets, but for whoever does that doesn't seem cool.

    I'm trying to pretend that Gypsy Queen doesn't exist. Got to save my money for A&G.

  3. Wow, I bought into several group breaks in large part because of the number of autos per box listed on the sell sheets. I am quite annoyed.

  4. Check this out:

  5. I am very surprised at how quickly Topps has responded and is going to honor anyone that didn't receive 2 auto's per box.

    That really pleased me today. Way to go Topps for stepping up to the plate.