Friday, May 4, 2012

Gypsy Queen vs. Vintage: Round 7, Take 2

Let's try this again.  It published early so I had to delete it. 

It's time for Round 7 of the GQ vs. Vintage comparison.  Only one round remains after this one and since I'm off on a three day weekend, you'll have to wait until Monday for the finale. 

GQ Pack 13

Pedro Alvarez, Pirates
Matt Dominguez, Marlins

Alexi Ogando, Rangers.  The Rangers starters, with the exception of Yu Darvish, have fallen off a cliff the last week. 
Craig Kimbrel, Braves

David Freese, Cardinals Gypsy red back mini.  That line you see on the bottom left corner is a crease that came with the card.  BONUS!!

Brandon Beachy, Braves Future Stars

GQ Pack 14

Michael Morse, Nationals
Jordan Walden, Angels
Carlos Ruiz, Phillies.  Nice shot.

Drew Stubbs, Reds auto.  We love on-card autos don't we?

Brandon Beachy, Braves mini.  It's a Brandon Beachy hot box.

Mickey Mantle, Yankees Hallmark Heroes.  Do you think there are people out there who buy a pack of cards every year or two and when they pull a Mantle they think they've hit the jackpot?

Vintage "Pack" 13 

1970 Topps Ken Rudolph.  Ken played 9 seasons in the majors and got into 328 games.  That's what I call living the dream.  Dig that big Cub patch on his sleeve.

1968 Topps Jerry McNertney.  Ok, we've moved out of the '70s and into the '60s.  The burlap design isn't my favorite, but it's better than the 1970 set.  McNertney also played 9 seasons.  He played in over 100 games twice in his career. 

1968 Topps Duane Josephson.  Alright, we have another White Sox catcher!  Duane played 8 years with the Sox, 6 of the Red variety and 2 of the White variety.  McNertney and Josephson caught a combined 115 games for the White Sox in 1967.  Ed Herrman and J.C. Martin also saw time at catcher for the White Sox in 1967. 

1966 Tom Haller.  I'm not real big on Giants cards, but this one is just fine. 

Vintage "Pack" 14

1966 Topps Russ Nixon.  I'm really enjoying these '66 catchers.  Nixon played 12 seasons for the Indians, Red Sox and Twins. 

1966 Topps Merritt Ranew.  That is an awesome name.  There is a Fast Fact on Ranew's Baseball Almanac page describing an incident in which he was hit in the head with a bat by another player.  Check it out here

1966 Topps Duke Sims. Sims played 11 years in the majors, the last being in 1974 with the Rangers.  I have two or three of his cards.  I should try to get them all at this point I suppose. 

1965 Topps Doc Edwards.  The '65 set is one of my favorites from the '60s.  I like the pennant, even if it is big.  Edward's full name is Howard Rodney Edwards.   Doc is a nickname he earned as a Navy medic.  Edwards managed the Cleveland Indians from 1987-1989 and is currently managing the San Angelo Colts, an independent team. 

That wraps up this post.  I hope you have a great weekend.


  1. can you explain to me why ogando is no longer in the rotation? i thought he was great last year! (plus, i own him in a strat-o-matic league, and he was far more valuable as a starter!)

  2. That crease could be a mini SP. Better keep it just in case

  3. Don't confuse Doc Edwards, the medic with Doc Medic, the Yankee. ; ) I don't think Doc Medic was a medic, maybe he was an...edwards...I better go back to bed.