Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Fantasy

I have a feeling some of you are here because of that title and your search has nothing to do with baseball cards.  If that's true, hit that back button and continue on with my apologies. 

For the rest of you, welcome.  I was thinking about my fantasy baseball team last night.  It happens every year.  I come to that time a month or so into the season and I wish I hadn't signed up again.  I've been playing fantasy baseball on Yahoo since 2004.  I checked and I've had 37 baseball teams in those years.  I've done pretty well, coming in first 10 times.  The problem is, I always get the max number of teams and it gets to be very tedious managing them.  Another problem is having players that are playing against the Rangers.  I absolutely will not put my fantasy team above my real team.  If Justin Verlander is on my fantasy team and the Tigers are playing the Rangers, I want Verlander to get rocked.  Plain and simple.

Why all the fantasy talk?  Well, Kerry from Cards on Cards sent me some cards, including this one. 

The 2012 Opening Day Fantasy Squad cards are ok in my book.  The fact that it's a Michael Young card is even better.  I had Michael on a couple of my fantasy teams last year and it paid off.  He provided good value for his draft position.  Blah, blah, blah. 

This is an odd card.  It's a 2006 Bazooka Hank Blalock Stamp card.  The thing is, it's not really a stamp.  I sort of looks like a stamp.  It's mostly blank on the back and no matter how much I lick it, it won't stick to anything. 

I've posted this 1976 Topps Jim Sundberg before.  I think I have 3 or 4 copies now.  It's not the best photo ever used on a card, maybe not even second best.   I want to try to catch Sunny at a game and get him to sign it.  I may even send it TTM.  We'll see.  I do like that old style cap. 

This card was the reason for the trade.  Kerry posted it in the Twins version of his 30 Posts for 30 Teams series.  I hope Joe Mauer can get back to his old self.  His production is down and he seems to be constantly battling injuries.  My son wears #7 because of Mauer and I'd like to see Joe get back on track. 

Kerry, as always, thanks for the non-Cards cards.


  1. I've run a fantasy football league for 33 years but this is my first season of fantasy baseball. I went in knowing almost nothing. I had no idea what 5x5 meant, for example, and I still really don't know many of the players. But I'm learning fast. I'm in second place in my division, 5th overall out of 14 teams. Best of all is I'm really enjoying it. I'm the kind of guy that loves to GM aspect of fantasy sports and I love playing the waiver wire. I've made 45 moves, about 20 of them I regret but it's all good.

    I was prompted to respond because just today I got a trade offer then included Micheal Young.

  2. I know I'M starting to regret signing up again. I have what seems to be a pretty good team, but I'm sitting with a 1-4 record! :(

  3. So tell us, how many times did you lick the Blalock card before you realized it wouldn't stick to anything?

  4. If you want to just concede the season I'll take Kemp, Young, and Papelbon off your hands.