Thursday, May 17, 2012

Village Idiots: May Edition

Brett Lawrie may be a talent for years to come, but what he did on Tuesday was downright stupid.

Maybe the helmet hitting the umpire was an accident, but throwing it down in ANY direction was dumb.  I love a good argument with the umps, but you're never going to get them to change the call on a strike so why go so berserk that you get suspended for four games.  He's appealing the suspension of course, but what he should do is apologize, take his lumps and learn a lesson. Didn't he learn anything from this guy's tantrum?  You only hurt yourself or your team.

I laughed pretty hard when I heard about the latest Harper meltdown.  He's got talent, but that temper is something else.

Speaking of village idiots, did you know this guy will be back in the majors with the Oakland A's on May 30th?  I can't wait.  It should cause an implosion on an already fragile team.

Manny won't be the only one covering his head when this experiment is over.  I actually felt bad for the Rays for wasting a uniform on this guy.  What a head case.

Thank goodness the Rangers have never had a player like these guys.

(Jose Canseco, Milton Bradley, Kevin Brown, Kenny Rogers...etc.)

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