Thursday, March 31, 2011

A "Braun"y Blaster

My mother-in-law came through again, this time with a belated St. Paddy's day blaster. She said she picked out the 2011 Heritage blaster because it was green. I said a silent thank you to whichever Topps exec picked out green for the blaster and proceeded to rip some packs. I beat the odds just a bit on this one. As I'm sure you know, these blasters have 8 packs. The SPs fall 1:3 packs and I got three. You'll notice a distinct East Coast, A.L. East bias with these three. Two Blue Jays and one Red Sox...Sock...whatever. The Baseball and News Flashbacks fall 1:12. I got one of each and I still can't make blogger take my horizontal images the way I scanned them.
I'm beginning to think the Harmon Killebrew Baseball FlashBacks is a DP because I've pulled three of them in the limited number of packs I've opened. I like the Jackie Robinson News FlashBacks card. It has the same "30 cent gas" cartoon as the back of the Mona Lisa card I showed a couple of days ago.
I noticed one odd card in the blaster. It's not one of those tinted cards. It's a "Rookie Star" card. Most of them are yellow.
This Brian Bogusevic one has a white star. Anyone know what that's all about? I'm guessing it's some type of variation or SP, but I don't know anything more than that.
Now for the "Braun"y portion of this blaster. I'm sure this box should have been sold somewhere in the Milwaukee region, but it made it's way to Texas and into my hands. I got one of the Chrome parallels which fall at a rate of 1:13 packs. It's Ryan Braun and it's numbered 1842/1962. It's not damaged like the pic appears, it's all light trickery. I'm still scannerless and using the Iphone sometimes plays tricks on the images. Last, but not least, I hit upon a 1:58 pack Clubhouse Collection Relic guessed it, Ryan Braun.
I love how the back says "The relic on this card is not from any specific game, event or season." I'm thinking it's from an old couch that was removed from the clubhouse of the Brewers AA affiliate in Huntsville. Of course, I can't prove that anymore that Topps can prove it's not.


  1. I think your problem with the images could be the width of your main column. I had the same problem when I started out and I widened it a bit and everything was A-OK.

    The main purpose was to ask if you were collecting Heritage this year. If yes, I have a bunch for trade; if no, i have a bunch of wants also.

  2. Wow! Why couldn't I have gotten this pack. Those are some nice Braun cards.

  3. What world do you live in where your mother-in-law buys you cards for St Patty's Day?

  4. The Braun Heritage card (not the relic) is almost as disturbing as his 2009 Topps card.

    The white star isn't a variation, I think. It's a tribute to the '62 set in which a couple of the cards featured white stars instead of yellow.

    Keeping track of all the stuff Heritage has going on is full-time job territory.

  5. I have two words for this post...

    Juiced Liar

  6. Ugh, so much Braun. And he has some terrible cards, too.