Thursday, March 3, 2011

One last time

This is the last call for entries in the March contest. I'll close each of the posts to entries when I wake up this afternoon. What, you forgot I'm a "Night Owl" too?

I'll make it easy for you and post a link to each post. As of the writing of this post (5:30 CST), the number of comments range from 58 for the first post, down to 24 for the last post. You get one entry for each post you comment on. Darn, there I go ending another sentence with a preposition.

Entry 1 Post

Entry 2 Post

Entry 3 Post

Entry 4 Post

Entry 5 Post

Entry 6 Post

I'll do the randomization tonight and post it late or in the morning!

Many thanks for all the great comments.


  1. I broke the rules on the last post, but here's my final comment. Come on, randomizer!

  2. It's okay to end a sentence with a preposition now and then.

  3. Cool contest, I hope you got the kind of input you were looking for.

  4. You're welcome... have fun typing all the entries in. Better you than me.

  5. Did you major in English? If not, don't sweat it haha.