Thursday, March 31, 2011

Opening Day Dish

A couple of Opening Day notes.

I hope the Tigers beat the Yankees today. I hope the Yankees go 0-162. It could happen.

I’m not real happy about Faux Opening Day. Only 12 teams out of 30 are playing? That’s not Opening Day! Every single team should be playing on Opening Day. Today or tomorrow, I don’t care. They should all be hitting the diamond for MLB to call it opening day.

No, I’m not just saying that because my team, THE DEFENDING AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPION TEXAS RANGERS, isn’t playing.

I’m playing fantasy baseball. Again. Every year I tell myself, no, not this year. I don’t want to do it. Then I do it. Fantasy baseball coerces you into rooting for players and teams you don’t like. We may tell ourselves that isn’t true, but it is and you know it you fantasy playin’ fool.

The Rangers win the West by 2 games this year over the Angels. Don’t ask me about the other divisions. I haven’t thought that far ahead and just like the other day, I’m at the tail end of a 16 hour double shift.

Verlander just struck out Gardner…yay!

I got an email from Topps last night. My MCG cards were shipped yesterday so I’ve got that to look forward to. I’ll Iphone them up on the blog when I get them.

Happy Baseball to All!

PS: Jeter is batting .000!


  1. You seem to have gone silent on the play-by-play on the Detroit-New York game. Why is that?


  2. when did you order your MCG cards?

  3. I got an email from Topps saying that my cards had shipped. After I already had received them.

  4. Hey Carl, it wasn't really play by play so much as commenting on a little of the first inning. I left work shortly after that post and have been driving until mow. Yea, I'm sad the Yanks are ahead.

  5. I ordered about 3 days before the deadline.

  6. If I were in a fantasy baseball league, I'd probably post to my blog once a month. And you could kiss the other two blogs I do goodbye.