Monday, March 21, 2011

Knockin' the Rust Off

Hi. My name is Play at the Plate and I've been an absentee blogger.

Is that even possible?

I'm back on the job after a few days off to enjoy my staycation with my kids. Not an overly exciting way to spend Spring Break, but it's not work so it has that going for it.

Card-wise, I received a couple of packages, I mailed a couple and I have a few more that need to go out this week. I bought one rack pack of 2011 Topps, which resulted in nothing spectacular. I did get one code card that unlocked this nice Senators card:

I think I might already have this 1966 Don Lock card, but it sure beats another 2007 card.

I also bought a few packs of 2011 Heritage. Nothing major to report to report there because other than one Chrome Will Venable, I didn't get much. The cards aren't bad, but the '62 design isn't one of my favorites.

As for the blog, I'm trying to get it out of neutral and start doing some regular posting again.

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