Monday, July 1, 2013

I got a card from the 1900's!!

It's a running joke in our family when we refer to something pre-2000 because my youngest son (born in 2002) will say that it's old because it's from "the 1900's".  It doesn't matter if it's something from 1901 or 1999, in his mind it's from the last century so it has to be old.  He even says it about me because I was born in the 1900's. 

Well, this card isn't really all that old. 

I know that's a horrible picture, but it's a nice card.  It's from the 1998 Upper Deck SPX set.  This set was right in the middle of my huge spending days and I bought quite a bit because I loved the serial numbering.  This one is #1294/1750.  1750 is a big print run nowadays, but back then it was a nice low number. 

Ok, I didn't just pull these cards out of a hat and decide to post them.  These came from the one and only Fuji of The Chronicles of Fuji.  Apparently he finds awesome cards at flea markets and lucky for me, some of them were Rangers. 

Included in the lot were three 2013 Bowman gold parallels.  The well armored AJ Pierzynski.   Someone told me before the season that I would like AJ.  So far, they are right. 

The struggling David Murphy.  I badly want Murph to succeed.  So far he's just been bad.  I hope he turns it around. 

Elvis is leaving the building.  Well, not really.  He doesn't hit that many homers.  He's gold in my book though.  Bowman Gold.

Thanks Fuji! 


  1. Absolutely Ancient man, Absolutely Ancient!!

  2. Great Pudge even if it is so "last Century".