Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Procrastination will kill you

Being a team collector is a lot of fun. 

If you keep up with organizing your cards. 

I worked hard on my Rangers wantlists over the course of more than a year.  It's been a great boost to my collection, but I find myself posting (hopefully) packages of cards and then sticking them in a box to be sorted "later".  The problem is "later" never comes.  Until now.

I've been sorting through three 800 count boxes of "I'll sort them later" Rangers.  I swear about 1000 of those cards are 1987 Topps, but I have managed to knock a few things off the wantlist.

Included in that list reduction are the now completed 1984, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1993 Topps Rangers.  Many thanks to all of you who send cards my way and a big thanks to the mystery person who single handedly killed off 1984 Topps. 

Now, it's on to sort some more, but never fear, I actually have an intersting post about a brush with Ranger greatness that took place last week.  I should have it ready for your viewing pleasure tomorrow. 


  1. I totally have a "to be sorted later" box and every time it fills up, it takes me a whole afternoon to clean it up. It always starts out as semi interesting... but then I get bored really quickly. But when I'm finished... there's a giant sense of relief.

    Have fun with the rest of your sort.

  2. I try to mark them off my list as soon as I get them. I do however have a few boxes of "to be put away cards". They are cards that I got in trade and marked off my list but have not been placed in the correct binder or box yet. I have been a bad collector right now there are about 1000 cards in my "to be put away boxes".