Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Better late than never...or is it?

I finally found a blaster of the latest and greatest Ginter at my local big box store.  Or should I call it a little box store since the size of blasters seems to be getting smaller and smaller.

This was the last blaster on the shelf and as you can see it has a pretty significant ding on the bottom right corner.  Normally, this might be enough for me to pass up a box, but as it was the first, and only, one I've seen, I looked past the flaws and bought it anyway.

The first pack had a Greg Maddux mini so I was pleased.  I also found a mini Ripken and a mini Bob Feller. Not too shabby on qualtity.

The 8 pack blaster also delivered 4 of the awkwardly named Pastime's Pastimes inserts, three of which depicted Phillies.  Yay me.

The one and only insert that I really like from this year's Ginter is the Air Supremacy set and I was fortunate enough to pull three of them out of 8 packs.  The AC-47 Spooky, EA-18G Growler and the F-15 Eagle.

I love opening cards because of the thrill of what you might get.  That said, I don't know if I'll open too much more of this just because I feel like it's throwing $20 down a rabbit hole every time I buy a blaster.  

Of course, that's easy to say sitting at the computer at 4 in the morning.  Ask me how I did when I was on the card aisle with packs that are begging to be opened.


  1. don't know about a rabbit hole, but it definitely would have been the ole briar patch for me with both the air cards and all those Pillies!! IDK but at fiddy cents per card, I just can't bring myself to buy into packs, much better for me to find someone who has and get myself a team set...