Thursday, July 17, 2014

Two reasons I'm looking forward to the end of this baseball season

1.  The Rangers are terrible.

Don't get me wrong, I still love 'em.  I know a big reason they are doing so poorly is injuries.  Matt Harrison, Mitch Moreland, Jurickson Profar and Prince Fielder--done for the season.  Derek Holland--he's my favorite, but practically done for the season.  Seemingly everyone else that matters has had at least one stint on the DL.  They've already used 50 players this season and we have 67 games to go.

I know none of the Rangers read this, but just in case they run across it I want to say -- Keep your heads up and DON'T GET HURT!!

Some people say it's the curse of Nolan, but I don't believe it one bit.  Well, not much anyway.

This is my newest addition, a Nolan Ryan Ginter box topper.  

2.    I am SICK and TIRED of the Never Ending Celebration of All Things Derek Jeter*.  The endless reports of his round the league tour and gift ceremonies.  The 2014 All Star Game to Celebrate Derek Jeter sponsored by Brut for Men and Fox Sports.

I'm not trying to take away from Jeter's career.  I'm just tired of it and him and it's really not even his fault. He seems like a nice guy and may not even want all the attention.  I hope the Yankees don't make the playoffs because they will literally kill all of us with Jetermania.

*I'm fairly certain my rant against Jeter is partially, if not entirely, due to the fact that my Rangers are in the cellar and don't look to be getting much better this season.  Of course, it might also be due to my long-standing disdain for the Yankees.  


  1. My problem with it is I feel like this is a rerun. We just went through all of this last season with Mariano Rivera and here we go again with a player from the same team from the media hub of the US. It's just too much Jeter. ALL. THE. TIME.

  2. I agree. Jeter is a great player and none of this is his doing. But enough is enough

  3. I agree enough of the Jeter Media Circus. Smells like last year's Chipper Jones fest (and as P-Tom said Mariano Rivera). It also brings back the horrors of the 2007 Barry Bonds Multi-Ring Media Circus (which ironically stopped as soon as the hour long celebration ended and the game was resumed.)

    I don't recall the whole big circus thing when Cal Ripken Jr. did his thing and they celebrated during the game. Maybe it was there then. I guess either it wasn't as big a circus or just that I like Cal and I see the others as Clowns? (Bozos)

  4. Yup. Done with Jeter. No more!!!

  5. I don't get it. Just let the Yankees do their thing and be done with it. Why am I not seeing all this crap for Konerko? He's retiring. Has a WS title under his belt. Sure, he's no Jeter, but a hell of a player with a long career (95% +) with one team. Where are the honors for him when he visits the Twins, Tigers, Angels, etc?

    1. Man, didn't know about Konerko retiring. I mean, he seems like he's ready to hang 'em up, but didn't know it was official. Dude is a class act.

      Oh, and Brian, I wouldn't be too sure that the Nolan curse isn't real. Hoping they can turn it around though. Was super bummed that KOUZMANOFF went on the DL, especially since a hot start.

  6. And has been noted in quite a few places, FOX made NO mention of the passing of Tony Gwynn during the broadcast.

  7. To assist with staying away from Jeter, I suggest getting all of your baseball information from someone other than MLB Network and ESPN. I know it's tough, but I'm a happier person since all I read now are Brewers blogs on SB Nation.