Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Rangers finally get home field for the World Series!!

It could happen.

The A's are 59-36 so if they go 42-25 the rest of the season, that would put them at 101-61.

The Rangers are 38-57 so if they can go 67-0 the rest of the way, that would put them at 105-57!

Take that Oakland!

Seriously though, the Rangers once sat at 35-35 and were "only" 7 games back.  Throw in a 3-22 run up to the All-Star break and you get a 38-57 record which leaves them 21 games out with the worst record in all of baseball.  The 3-22 stretch ties for the worst 25 game record in team history.  Ouch.  Tying or breaking team records is generally fun, but when the record is for futility, the fun is out the window.

My team may be in the toilet, but I still have my cards.

Even if they do make the players look like convicts.


  1. Maybe a company will finally come out with the special "Mugshots" Insert next year.

  2. Sweet card. I'll have to pick that one up myself.

  3. You can find some good deals in that America's Pastime set. The boxes are almost half the cost from the original release price. I picked up a Gerrit Cole/Zach Wheeler dual auto for $20 bucks. Congrats on the Beltre!

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