Thursday, February 17, 2011

After 7 codes, my best card is...

This 1973 Willie Montanez. I know what your thinking. "Hey, that's a vintage play at the plate. It's right up your alley." Normally you would be right, but I already have this one in my MCG portfolio (which I'll be shipping tomorrow). I haven't seen a run of 50's like I frantically emailed people about last year, but I only have 4 codes left anyway.

What's the best card you've unlocked so far?


  1. I've only unlocked two cards so my best is a '75 Gary Thomason....since you already have the Montenez, I'll trade you my '07 Chris Gomez for it.

  2. I've unlocked 6 cards and my best is a 1967 Jake Aker.